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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website! We are the Cornelissen family, inspired growers of fruit trees and rootstocks, and growers of the one and only Dutch Conference pears.
We offer our products for trade and sale, and offer some unique services for tree growers. You will find the information on this website. If you have any questions, we look forward to hear from you.


Tree Nursery and Fruit Company Mts. Cornelissen is a family business. As brothers, we have gradually taken over the company since 1990 and expanded it to what it is today: an internationally operating growing company in the Dutch Betuwe and Flevopolder regions, with an additional branch in Sierpc, Poland. We not only supply Dutch fruit growers but also a large number of fruit growers in other European countries. We have a wide product range that is tailored to the demand of our customers from various countries.
The best trees grow in the best soil, which is why we have been planting our fruit trees and rootstocks since 2007 in the fertile soils of our land plots in Biddinghuizen and Dronten in the Dutch Flevopolder region. In addition, we grow Conference pears on 23 hectares in the famous Dutch fruit region ‘the Betuwe’, and have recently expanded our orchards with another 20 hectares.

"We are passionated

about what we do"

Grafting and sorting we perform at our own location in Poland. Pieter is always present here, while Matthijs takes care of the nursery and pear production in the Netherlands. Third parties can also outsource their sorting and bench grafting to us at our Polish location. Besides, we offer our production from this location for sale.

We are passionate about what we do, determined to get the best results, and we sometimes see opportunities where others don't. You can read an example below. The results become visible in our range of services, but above all in the quality of our products.

In 2012, many young plants throughout the country froze due to a few nights of severe frost until -25 degrees Celsius. Other growers grubbed up and shredded their trees that year, we decided to cut and re-graft our 325,000 frozen pear trees. A layer of snow of about 10 cm high had protected the lower part of the trunks and we believed in a second chance (click here to open the Dutch article in Boom in Business). It turned out to be our best decision ever. At the end of 2013, we were the only ones who could supply pear trees, even of a very good quality.


The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we grow Conference pears and have a tree nursery for apple and pear trees and rootstocks. All our propagating material is grown in the Netherlands.

Our Conference pears grow on approximately 23 hectares of Betuwe soil, the most famous fruit region in the Netherlands. The Conference pear is a beautiful Dutch product which we believe still offers many possibilities for the future. In 2019 we therefore expanded our orchards by another 20 hectares.

After years of bringing people from Poland to the Netherlands for our own grafting and sorting work, we decided in 2005 to do it the other way around. That year we opened our own location for sorting and bench grafting in Sierpc, Poland. We are present here all year round, and besides our own work we also perform a lot of work for other tree growers from all over Europe.



With regard to apples, we supply both cultivation and ornamental varieties:
  • Boskoop Quast M9
  • Cox's M9
  • Golden Delicious Reinders M9
  • Gala Zuzi M9
  • Gala Red M9
  • Gala Red M26
  • Gloster M9
  • Reno2 M9
  • Reno2 M9
  • Reno2 M26
  • Red Jonaprince Wiltonstar M9
  • Idared M9
  • Najdared M9
  • Najdared M26
  • Fujip M9
  • Alwa M9
  • Sampion M9
  • Sander M26
  • Empire M9
  • Mutsu M9
  • Red Delicious M9
  • Red Delicious M26
  • Elstar M9
  • Red Jonaprince Wiltonstar M26
Ornamental malus
  • Red Sentinel M9
  • Evereste M9
  • Prof Sprenger M9
see more of our kinds of apples by clicking here


We offer the following pear trees:
  • BA Lucas Kwee C
  • BA Lucas Kwee Adams  
  • Conference Kwee C
  • Conference Kwee Adams
Other varieties are available upon request. For more information,

We grow the following rootstocks for pears:
  • Cydonia Kwee C
  • Cydonia Kwee Adams
For apples, we offer these rootstocks:
  • Malus M9 T337
  • Malus M9 FL56
  • Malus M26
  • Malus P60
  • Malus MM 106


Rootstock sorting

Since 2005 we have been sorting fruit tree rootstocks into ready-made sale products at our Polish location. Dutch supervision is always present during these activities. We can sort any desired size, and work according to the wishes and preferences of our clients.
Transportation from and to the Netherlands and other countries happens with conditioned transport, mainly with our own trucks.
From the time of departure from the Netherlands or another country, the ready-made product will be delivered back to you after approximately 7-9 days. This at a guaranteed lower rate than sorted in the Netherlands.


Fruit tree grafting

At our Polish location we graft fruit trees for ourselves and for third parties. This is done under constant Dutch supervision. We always use Medifilm for binding.

We can process both small and (very) large orders. Approximately 10 days after transportation from the Netherlands or another country, the grafted trees are delivered back to you.



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